Integrated technologies

For several years now, photovoltaic technology has been gaining importance in the field of street furniture. Indeed, improving energy efficiency allows solar photovoltaic technology to be able to supply energy to systems and thus make them totally autonomous from the electricity grid.

Still considered a niche market, solar urban furniture is becoming an increasingly cost-effective solution depending on the distance of the installation from the existing electricity grid. Indeed, our solution allows for a cost-effective installation since solar urban furniture does not have to be connected to the grid.

Our solar solutions require little civil engineering work (installation only of the base / foundation). It allows cities; municipalities and private individuals to promote an ecological image and this way validate their desire to promote to clean and renewable energy resources.

All the integrated technologies

  • Power Tube™
  • Power LED™
  • Power Control™
  • Summary of the system
All technologies
  • Power Tube© technology

    Advantages: Worldwide patented photovoltaic technology...

  • Power LED©

    Power LED© Backlighting 185 lumen/Watt at 5'300k...

  • Power Control©

    Power Control© Autonomous and individually programmable...

  • Summary of the system

    In combining in a subtle way technological elements via an intelligent and...


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