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For decades now, urban furniture has been striving to be more and more design-oriented without being more functional, technological or ecological than before.

To this end, market players such as administrations, private entities and manufacturers are currently striving to inject technological innovation into developed urban furniture, enabling them to meet users' new needs in terms of social communications, rapid access to information, interactivity, etc., without forgetting the sustainable and ecological development aspect that is expected of all the new products currently being developed.

In other words, the urban furniture of the future will be intelligent and ecological, increasing interactivity with users and reducing the energy costs of cities in the development of sustainable solutions.

Urban furniture covers a wide range of products that can be made available to the public:

  • Comfort furniture (benches, fountains...)
  • Cleaning furniture (baskets, trash can…)
  • Protective furniture (bollards...)
  • Furniture related to transport (bus shelters, ticket machines, bicycle parking, etc.)
  • Communication furniture (telephone booths, mailboxes...)
  • Promotional furniture (4 by 3, signage, advertising...)
  • Sales and reception furniture (kiosks...)
  • Temporary furniture (market, site information, etc.) 
  • Lighting furniture (public lighting...)
  • Tourist / cultural furniture (information kiosks, kiosks...)

With the mantra "Rethinking the Future",
DTI-Communications© intends to develop interactive and ecological urban furniture in all the areas mentioned above where this is possible. The products developed by DTI-Communications© are therefore all energy autonomous and/or allow a form of communication and interactivity with users / passers-by / city dwellers.

By developing the interactive urban furniture of the future, DTI-Communications© will enable urban furniture to be in line with the new needs and expectations of users.

DTI-Communications© : "The Eco-Communication"

Our solar urban furniture

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