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The "Eco-Communication"

Alliance entre Mobilier Urbain Solaire & Communication Extérieure Autonome

Design, Technology & Innovation

When it comes to new technologies, it is not enough just to invent them, but you also need to make them accessible to markets and end customers. This is our main mission.


DTI-Communications© (Design, Technologies & Innovations-Communications) is a strategic entity owned by DT INTERNATIONAL S.A. ™

"Rethinking the future©" is the tagline of
DTI- Communications© and the DT International S.A. group ™ A future that is present now and that must be made accessible to all in a simple and innovative way....

Our goal:

DTI-Communications© aims to create products that combine autonomous urban furniture, powered by solar energy, and outdoor communication spaces (OOH media) that allow the creation of complete "win-win-win" offers, implying that all stakeholders benefit from our offers.

Based on our dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit, we seek to integrate innovation and new technologies into the street furniture market while relying on specific, innovative and tailor-made business models related to outdoor communication. Our objective is to create differentiation to allow the creation of a new positioning axis for the offers we create. 

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