Solar Billboard 2000

Solar Billboard 2000



Advertising size : 191 x 135 x 8cm
Advertising LED power : 2 x 20w
Mast height : 2.30m
SPR (System Power Ratio)  : 7


The Solar AD stand© solar billboard range is at the forefront of the autonomous outdoor advertising market.

The Solar AD stand 2000© (2P150-215 2xAD200D) is equipped with the latest LED technology for backlighting powered by the unique "power tube™" photovoltaic technology, patented worldwide and fully integrated into the system.

The Solar AD stand 2000© model (2P150-215 2xAD200D) offers a uniform distribution of light over the poster and allows optimal autonomous operation for 6 to 8 nights with a 100% charged battery. Also available on grid or hybrid solar version.

Thanks to its intelligent energy management (microprocessor), the Solar AD stand 2000© (2P150-215 2xAD200D) allows continuous operation even in difficult weather conditions, brightness or low sunlight.


  • Standard finish of the mast: galvanized steel.
  • Finishing in RAL 9005 or 9006 colours generates additional costs.
  • The rest of the RAL colour palette can also be selected but will incur additional costs: on request.



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